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English Tutor | Mandarin Tutor | Kaitlyn

Tutor in English and Mandarin

Originally from Harbin, Kaitlyn grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, and is a native speaker of both English and Mandarin Chinese. She studied Psychology at York University in the UK, where she completed research on students’ ability to recognize Chinese written characters. While a student, she taught Mandarin Chinese in several local schools as a volunteer. Kaitlyn is a strong believer that a good language teacher is a also good language learner, and she has taught herself Japanese to a high level. At Hertford, she teaches English and Chinese for IGCSE and plays a key role in developing and teaching our IELTS programme.

  • BSc (York) in Psychology, Upper Second.

  • Achieved 1 A* and 2 As in A-level-equivalent University Foundation course.

  • IELTS (雅思) Band Mark of 9.

  • Japanese Proficiency at N2 level (Double A).

  • Achieved Level 3 LFA at York University with Distinction.

  • Extensive experience as a private tutor in both English & Mandarin Chinese

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