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Our Tutors

Hertford has an outstanding team of teachers and educational advisors. Our tutors have graduated from some of the best universities in the world and all possess extensive teaching and private tutoring experience. We offer private tuition and group classes for IB Diploma, IGCSE, AP, SAT and ACT syllabuses, as well as IELTS and HSK. Visit our individual tutor pages to learn more.


IB English Tutor | Alexander | Hertford Academy

Tutor in English, History and Spanish

Alex is our Senior English Tutor at Hertford. He graduated from Oxford University at the top of his year group, and stayed in Oxford to become a Lecturer and then Research Fellow in Modern Languages. He teaches a range of age groups for Hertford, but specializes in IB English and IB English literature, as well as History at all levels.


IB English Tutor | Liliana

Tutor in English, French and Latin

Liliana graduated from Oxford University with a First-class degree in Latin and French, and went on to complete a doctorate in English literature. She has taught literature at several universities in Europe and China, and speaks 5 languages. But if there is one thing she loves even more than her languages, it's teaching the IB Diploma.



IGCSE English Tutor | Simon

Tutor in English

A graduate in Law from The University of Kent, Simon has taught English in Hong Kong for seven years, at several schools and high-profile tuition centres, and is experienced across a wide range of English language programmes. At Hertford he specializes in IGCSE and IB English and runs Hertford's IELTS programme. He is probably our most popular tutor.


IELTS Tutor | Hertford

Tutor in English

A former attorney and recruitment agent, Kathy has taught English in Hong Kong for several decades, at internationals school, on-line, and in several well-known learning centres. She is a Doctor in Law from Cornell University and holds a CELTA qualification in English from the British Council.  At Hertford Academy, she specializes in IELTS and Business English.


English Tutor | Kaitlyn

Tutor in English and Mandarin

Kaitlyn graduated with a degree in Psychology from York University in the UK, where she completed a final-year research paper on students' recognition of Chinese characters. A native speaker of both English and Mandarin, she is also an experienced language learner, who has taught herself Japanese to an advanced level. 


IB Chinese Tutor | Jiao

Tutor in Mandarin Chinese

Originally from Zhejiang Province, Jiao completed her undergraduate degree in Chinese Language and Literature in Xi'an, before moving to Hong Kong in 2014 to take a Master's (with Distinction) in Education at HKU. She has over 6 years of teaching experience, in English and Mandarin, and specializes in Mandarin B for IB.



IB Physics Tutor | Tzu-Liang

Tutor in Physics and Mathematics

After completing his PhD in Physics in Iowa, Tzu Liang taught at universities across the United States. He returned to Hong Kong in 2011 as a Lecturer and Assistant Professor at the Baptist University. With over 15 years of teaching experience at the highest levels, he is one of Hertford’s most experienced and capable tutors.


IB Maths Tutor | Boris

Tutor in Mathematics and Physics

Boris is Hertford's premier Mathematician. He completed his PhD at South Ural State University in Russia before becoming a lecturer in Engineering at Tsinghua University in Beijing. He boasts 12 years of teaching experience at all levels of education, in 3 different languages (Russian, English and Mandarin).



IB Chemistry Tutor | Yasine

Tutor in Chemistry and Biology

Having completed the IB with flying colours at KCCIS, Yasine knows all about what it is like to go through Hong Kong's international school system. Since then, he has dedicated himself to helping others to do the same. A star student at HKUST, he is one of our most dedicated and hard-working tutors.



Tutor in Biology and Chemistry

Zoe is a full-time researcher in Biomedical Science, having completed her PhD at Hong Kong University in 2013. She has lectured for IVE-VTC and for The Open University of Hong Kong, covering Clinical Chemistry, Food Biology and Microbiology. For Hertford Academy, Zoe specializes in IB Biology, in which she has over 6 years of experience.

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