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IELTS Classes | Hertford Academy

IELTS (雅思) is a curiously broad qualification. As a way to gain entry to some of the English-speaking world’s top universities and academic institutions, it is fast becoming essential for non-native speakers.


IELTS is an extremely thorough test with regard to the sort of language development that it encourages. No surprise, then, that professionals are increasingly turning to it as well, to develop and prove their mastery of the practical, 'daily use' aspects of the English language in order to advance their careers.

But there has been a tendency by some teachers and education centres to reduce the IELTS to something less functionally useful than the qualification was designed to be. Instructors often decide to bunker down in textbooks, avoiding the deliberately broad, far-reaching test remit. Such a misunderstanding of the basic premise of the IELTS means that the innumerable sources available for learning English are rarely used in the classroom. Here at Hertford, we take a different approach.

A Better Approach

英語水平測試雅思 | Hertford Academy

Other IELTS course providers take you through the textbook, and nothing more. 


We are different. Our team at Hertford Academy has taken the textbook and overlaid it with resources and materials that a first-language speaker would encounter in everyday life. 


Using IELTS levels as markers, we lead you through the material methodically, making sure that your English is enhanced through exposure to the authentic sources we have compiled.

We have taken the time to compile a list of podcasts, TV series, magazines and news sources, radio channels and more. By incorporating these and more traditional types of literature into our courses, we make your exposure to the language as rounded and complete as possible. That's just what the IELTS requires.

What to expect

IELTS Private Tuition | Hertford Academy

Group Learning or Private Lessons

Some people learn better alongside others; some learn better on their own. We accommodate both: you can join one of our regular IELTS classes, or opt to arrange your own personal course for a small private group or for 1-to-1 tuition.

Language Immersion

We encourage our clients to use all our facilities as their own. On-site we have quiet rooms and computer and video facilities. You can enjoy our books and e-readers, use our subscriptions to reading sites, listen to audiobooks, and read our magazines. There's even free tea and coffee.

English Immersion | Hertford Academy
English Group Courses | Hertford Academy

Vocabulary Expansion

Don’t run before you can walk – at Hertford our tutors have designed structured vocabulary pools that are derived from IELTS past paper responses: useful both in the exam and for expression in the language in general. Alongside our graded reading material, your progress will be easy to track.

Working at Your Level

Not all learners move at the same pace. In our regular classes, we place you with those who are able to enhance your current language level, enabling you to grow into the next stage of language competency. Our Media Packs are also adapted to your level.

English Learning | Hertford Academy
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