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IB English Tutor

Tutor in English, French and Latin

Liliana is our multi-lingual renaissance woman. Ever since attending one of the few schools in England that offers the International Baccalaureate (Malvern College), she has been a passionate advocate for the IB's broad and challenging curriculum. In addition to the IB, she has tutored secondary students in a range of humanities subjects in the UK, and has taught literature, linguistics, and (several different) languages at universities in the UK, Germany, and China.

  • MA (Oxford) in Classics and Modern Languages, First Class.

  • Achieved 42/45 in the IB.

  • DPhil (Oxford) in English literature.

  • Senior Paget Toynbee Prize for academic achievement in French at Oxford.

  • Taught at Oxford colleges including St Anne's, St Hilda's and New College.

  • Horstmann Prize Fellow at Münster University, Germany.

  • Extensive experience of teaching IBDP, GCSE, AP and SAT.

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