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IELTS courses at Hertford

雅思主題 | IELTS Topics
IELTS Skills | 雅思聽說讀寫

Choose a topic stream

Focus your study

Select from 4 subject-based streams to cover the language most relevant to you.

Hone your skills in either language production (speaking & writing) or comprehension (listening & reading).

雅思課程 | IELTS Packages

Prices and Packages

We offer 10-session packages so that you can build your own personal IELTS course. Group lessons and individual private tutorials are available.


IELTS Topics

After assessing your level, our tutors will tailor your course to the language that you need the most. We offer 4 streams based on the topics specified by the IELTS regulations. With each stream you will receive a package of carefully curated material (both written and spoken) that is interesting, accessible to your current level, and relevant to the particular demands of the IELTS examination. The material is taken from sources that are used on a daily basis by native speakers, arranged and supported in a way that makes your acquisition of the language as comprehensive and straight-forward as possible.

Stream 1




Family & Children

Stream 2

Business & Money

Media & Advertising



Stream 3





Each Media Package consists of material taken from relevant news articles, editorials, podcasts, specialized reports, radio shows, short stories and blogs. Transcripts and wordlists are provided to assist your use of the listening material. Media Packages are designed both to reinforce the vocabulary and grammar that is learnt in class, and to increase each student's exposure to (and comfort with) naturally-produced English, in its many varieties.

Stream 4




Food & Health

Topic Streams

IELTS Skillsets

The IELTS gives every student a score for each of the 4 main language skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing. At Hertford, we understand that proper preparation for the IELTS requires a focus on each student's individual weaknesses. As such, you can tailor your course to concentrate on either input or output. Our Media Packages are also adapted according to the focus you choose for your lessons with our tutors.

IELTS Speaking Skills | Hertford Academy
Speaking & Writing Accelerator

For the 'active' section of the IELTS exam, students must learn to respond adequately to a variety of different prompts. With our 'Speaking and Writing Accelerator', you will:

  • Improve articulation and pronunciation

  • Practise chunking & phrase-building 

  • Study spoken sentence structures​

  • Learn targeted vocabulary for writing

  • Study sample essays for each IELTS topic

  • Imitate a range of essay patterns

IELTS English Reading | Hertford Acdemy
Listening & Reading Accelerator

Structured input is essential for language acquisition. For IELTS, each student must learn to process information effectively. For our Listening and Reading Accelerator, you will:

  • Encounter a range of different accents

  • Focus on speeding up comprehension

  • Study additional listening material

  • Practise decoding and drawing inferences

  • Focus on broad vocabulary acquisition

  • Enjoy additional reading material

Prices and Packages

Group Lessons

All our clients may use our facilities and self-study materials before and after their class

IELTS Regular Course


  • Sunday 11am-12pm

  • Sunday 12pm-1pm

Free placement test upon signing up

Private Group (up to 4 people)


  • Choose your stream and skill-set

  • Call to enquire about packages

Private Tuition

Private Tutorial (1-on-1)


Package 1


  • 10 x 1-hour lessons

  • Choose your own stream

  • Includes IELTS Media Pack

Package 2


  • 10 x 1.5-hour lessons

  • FREE mock speaking exam

  • FREE mock written test

Package 3


  • 10 x 2-hour lessons

  • 4 FREE mock speaking exams

  • 4 FREE mock written tests

Prices & Packages
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