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Meet Our Tutors in Mandarin

As a tuition centre founded by linguists, Hertford prides itself on the reputation of its tutors in languages and literature. In addition to our suite of services for English, we are offer private tuition and group classes in Mandarin Chinese. We cover both academic syllabuses (IB, IGCSE, AP, A-level) and professional qualifications such as HSK, as well as training for business purposes.

IB Chinese Tutor | Jiao


Mandarin Chinese Tutor

Originally from Zhejiang Province, Jiao completed her undergraduate degree in Chinese Language and Literature in Xi'an, before moving to Hong Kong in 2014 to take a Master's (with Distinction) in Education at HKU. She has over 5 years of teaching experience, in English and Mandarin, and specializes in Mandarin B for IB.


Mandarin Chinese Tutor

Cheryl graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Politics and East Asian Studies, and has taught her native languages (English and Chinese) in a wide range of contexts, including at Harvard and for well-known language software provider Rosetta Stone. She is an accomplished writer and has also published on Chinese philosophy.

 IGCSE Chinese Tutor | Kaitlyn


Mandarin Chinese Tutor

Kaitlyn graduated with a degree in Psychology from York University, where she completed a research project on students' recognition of Chinese characters. A native in both English and Mandarin, she is also an experienced language learner, who has taught herself Japanese to an advanced level. She has extensive experience teaching Mandarin as a tutor and in schools.

IB Mandarin Tutor | Cheryl
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